Samsung Galaxy S4 v HTC One


This is a bit of a fun post, in the sense that having just purchased a HTC One (from Telstra, Australia) and being aware of the intense competition in the Android market, then the obvious comparison is between my new device and the Samsung Galaxy S4. So having got the obvious personal bias on the table lets look at what the market and the ‘Tech’ sites are saying.

Seriously, the number of ‘problem’ sites that I had to work my through was startling. There are some seriously silly people out there believing that they can ‘trash the can’, but please!

Mashable has a view, albeit none too conclusive. But its commenters have their say – read and enjoy how they compare, contrast and generally play the ‘blog’ game.

Aloysius Low @ CNET Asia sort of puts the game in the HTC One’s favour, however he also has the fence sitting ‘but’ to finish off his assessment.

Joshua Vergara @androidauthority has an interesting Youtube video that compares pretty much all of the core features of any smartphone. The Samsung is the winner. Not sure his Commenters actually agree. Doesn’t make him wrong.

AndroidPIT has a review, while a little too cheesy and very much less than technical, it’s probably not too far from the mark!

This one is a bit of a weird review. They don’t yet have the Samsung, but are apologetic that the HTC One will be blow away by it. And I thought I was biased??

Trusted Reviews (UK) has a nice review, maybe because the HTC One is a marginal winner, but maybe also because they have a practical approach. Putting both ‘phones’ on the same plane is probably more than reasonable.

TheDroidGuy gives it to the Samsung, but again, interestingly, only by a small margin – there is a pattern here??

TechnoBuffalo has a very nice review, well researched and presented. Maybe I like it because the HTC One ‘sort of’ wins, but in reallity this is a very nice practical review. In some respects ‘BeatsAudio’ maybe the best thing HTC has done, plus its change to the build quality has been a real positive.

So for the last one, CNET US. Which is sort of, ‘Why’ for an Australian, but it at least puts these devices, which are not phones, but social media devices, side by side: and sees little difference.

My Opinion: Mixed at best. At least I am happy that I have one of the best Android ‘SOCIAL CONNECTION DEVICES’ on the market. These are not phones any more, they are social awareness devices and social connectivity devices. Like most of you I will use my ‘device’ to make phone calls maybe 5% of the time I use my’SOCIAL CONNECTION DEVICE’. I’m now into the what else I can get from the thing I carry around in my pocket..

My vote is for the HTC One.

If you dont like Blinkfeed and wish to get rid of it I suggest that you install Nova Launcher which provides you with a customisable, performance driven home screen replacement for Android. I’m using it and loving it.


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